Airbag SRS Module Crash Code Data Reset Service

All foreign and domestic vihicles 1996-2016

If your airbags have been deployed, the airbag module unit needs to be reset. We take greatest care when resetting your vehicle’s airbag module to ensure you and your passengers’ safety.

You acan re-use your current airbag module with our restore service. Your module(s) will be restored back to its factory condition and will not require any additional programming.

SRS airbag  module is a unit found in all vehicles equipped with an airbag system. All impact sensors, seat belts, airbags and clockspring are linked to it. As a master srs controller, the airbag module unit reads and writes data vital to the proper function of its designated use. in an event of an accident, the airbag module writes crash data and stores it in the memory chip. usually the airbags will deploy along with the seat belts and seat belt tensioners.

Once this occurs, the airbag light goes off and the airbag module is considered useless by dealers. But We are now able to offer an affordable solution that allows you to re-use your existing module with our programming restoration. We flash the data stored in your module with OEM factory program code that renders your module new again. Our service will allow the module to function like new factory Airbag SRS unit again in the unlikely event of a vehicle accident.

All airbag modules can be reset except if flood, fire or hardware damaged.




Step1: Remove Airbag Module Unit

  1. Locate the airbag SRS module, often located directly below the center console between the front seats. In GM vehicles, the SRS module is typically found under either the driver or passenger seat, in other vehicles it may be found near the floor in the center of the dash.
  2. Once the SRS computer module has been located, disconnect the positive lead on the battery.
  3. Wait for three minutes, and then disconnect the wiring plugs on the airbag control module harness.

Step2: Order, Pay and Ship

Order how many airbag modules you’ll be sending for repair.

Complete Check Out Process.

Carefully Package and Ship it to:

   Vadeem Martyn


   16 Squawfield Road

   Westfield, MA 01085

Step3: Receive and Install Your Airbag Module Unit(s)

We will repair and ship back the module(s) back to you the same day we receive them.

upon receiving:

  1. Ensure proper connections of all SRS components, including clock springs, airbags, impact sensors and seat belts.
  2. isconnect the battery cables, and carefully insert the reset airbag control module.
  3. Connect the airbag control module wiring plugs.
  4. Re-connect the battery after securing the airbag module.